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QMSS 2 Summer School, 18 – 26 August 2009, ENSAE, Paris

“Introduction to event history analysis with a special focus on cross-national comparisons”
A Summer School on analysing the life course, which will combine lectures with hands-on training.


Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences 2 (QMSS2) is a four year scientific programme of the European Science Foundation (ESF). It aims, among others, at disseminating cutting-edge methods to the new generation of European researchers through theme-based summer schools. Three summer schools will be held during 2009, under the themes of lifecourse, social interactions and immigration and population. Each summer school will last approximately eight days and will combine lectures with hands-on training, often using European comparative datasets. The aim of the QMSS2 Paris Summer School is to introduce students to event history analysis, with a focus on cross-national comparisons and advances in the field. In addition to practical computer exercises, students will also learn the mathematical and theoretical fundamentals of these techniques. Guest speakers will focus on advances in the field, including topics such as multilevel event history models, the relationship between survival and Poisson regression and log-multiplicative modelling.

Professor Hans-Peter Blossfeld (University of Bamberg, Germany)
Professor Melinda Mills (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Sandra Buchholz and Kathrin Kolb (University of Bamberg)
Nicoletta Balbo and Katia Begall (University of Groningen)
Guest speakers:
Professor Jeroen Vermunt (University of Tilburg, The Netherlands)
Professor Fiona Steele (Centre for Multilevel Modelling, University of Bristol, UK)
Professor Louis-André Vallet (CNRS, Centre de Recherche en Économie et Statistique, France)

Venue: INSEE School (Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique)
3 avenue Pierre Larousse – 92245 Malakoff Cedex, France
Date: 18-26 August 2009 (start on Tuesday 18 at 5pm, end on Wednesday 26 at 2pm)

Organization: The QMSS2 Summer School is funded by the European Science Foundation. ENSAE School and the CREST host the Summer School for free. Additional funds have also been provided by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). Professor Louis-André Vallet is the local organizer of the Summer School. Souria Djaziri, Céline Goffette, Alexandra Louvet and Jean-François Mignot assist him in the organization. They are all members of the Laboratory of Quantitative Sociology, CREST.
Participants: Call for participants ended in January 2009. The Paris Summer School has been heavily over-subscribed with excellent applications and will therefore host 45 participants. Five summer schools will be held in 2010. Join the announcements mailing list to receive early notification of the call for participants.

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