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Jeudi 5 Janvier 2012

Arnaud MAUREL (Duke University, Durham, US) présentera une communication :

"College Attrition and the Dynamics of Information Revelation"
avec Peter ARCIDIACONO, Esteban AUCEJO et Tyler RANSOM

de 14 h à 15 h 30 en Salle S016 à l'INSEE-CREST, 15 Boulevard Gabriel Péri, 92245 MALAKOFF (Métro : Malakoff/Plateau de Vanves (Immeuble "Malakoff 2)).

Abstract :

This paper investigates the determinants of college drop-out and stop-out decisions, in a setting where students have imperfect information about their schooling ability. We estimate, using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 (NLSY97), a dynamic structural model of schooling and work decisions, where students who graduated from high school decide at each period whether to attend college, either in a two or four-year institution, and to enter the labor market. A key feature of our approach is to account for learning over time, thus implying that some individuals may leave college as a result of the arrival of new information on their ability. Counterfactual simulations shed light on how effective different educational policies would be at decreasing college attrition rates.